Sample Website Analysis Report


  1. Present we have two wordpress engines, one for website and another for music store.
  2. Design and colour combination is not good, confusing user navigation and diverting attention. Most of the information is blending with background.
  3. Once user sends an enquiry for particular product, it is showing conformation message in price box itself after submitting the form. User will not easily notice that.


  1. Home page must needs face lift, it should show what are all our website
  2. Having two wordpress engines it effect on Search Engines, we need to merge in to one
  3. Website redesigning is the first priority, we should concentrate on:
    • user friendly
    • highlighting important areas
    • user should able to find easily what he is looking for in our website
    • take care about colours, should not blend with any others
    • need to change functionality little bit
  4. After send enquiry we need to redirect the page and show some message with some good content on it. And also we need track that page visits, so we can understand how many product enquiries are coming per day/week/month.