Web analytics is the study of the behavior of website visitors. It refers to the use of data collected from a web site to determine which aspects of the website work towards the goals conversions; It means to check out which landing pages persuade people to stay on website for longer time and which pages prompt people to buy.

Complete Web Analysis consists of wide range of data. It includes the number of pages visited, number of page views, time for which visitor has stayed on website, number of visitors. It also includes the other information like geographic locations of the visitors, languages, loyalty etc. It also covers the technical aspects like the browser and the operating system used. To put it in a nutshell, complete website analysis involves all Web Statistics regarding web traffic. This data is generally compared against key performance indicators for performance and used to improve a web site or marketing campaign.

Web analytics conveys what your visitors are really interested in, keywords that people really type in the search box, and the ROI (return on investment) on their marketing dollars. Therefore, your on line marketing can improve your Website Ranking and business. One can simply not survive ignoring the importance of Website Analysis.

Hire Web Analytics Professional from India

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